Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Toxic Environment and 5 things you can do to protect yourself

It seems that every day we are learning about toxins in our environment.  From pesticides in our food, mercury in HCFS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) and even fog, to Brominated Vegetable Oil in Gatoraid and other drinks.  It seems every day we swim in a chemical soup of toxins that are bad for our health.  In my opinion (and others) we have reached a point of environmental toxin levels that it's virtually impossible to limit ALL exposure and we need to turn our attention to increasing our body's ability to eliminate/minimize the effects from toxins. 

The majority of these toxins have one thing in common.  What makes them toxic is that they rev up free radical production and promote inflammation.  So, if we want to remain healthy and keep our children healthy, we need to focus on free radical/inflammation reduction and toxin elimination. 

Here are 5 things you can do to increase the removal of toxins from the body:

1.  Avoid it in the first place:  This one seems obvious but bears repeating.  Educate yourself of the toxic elements in your environment and avoid them as much as possible.

2.  Direct Current Foot Baths:  All Detox Foot Baths operate through a process called electrolysis. This is done by generating the proper amount of current in the foot bath water causing the molecules of H2O to divide producing negative ions. Once the negative ions are present in the water, the body absorbs these ions through osmosis and these ions remove free radicals.

3.  Increase Glutathione in the body:  Glutathione is the workhorse of the body's toxin elimination system.  It provides detox effects at many different levels.  Increasing your body's levels of this element improves your body's ability to detoxify.  There are several different ways to elevate glutathione in the body. 
4.  Infared Sauna:  Probably the biggest toxin eliminating system is your skin and the process of sweating.  So getting a good sweat 1-2 times/week is a good way to make sure you're eliminating toxins. 

5.  Breathing:  Another way your body removes toxins is breathing (oxygen in and toxins out) so making sure you're using proper deep breathing mechanics is a must. 

These five things can go a long way in increasing your body's ability to remove toxins naturally.  In today's toxic environment, we need to do everything we can if we want to live a long healthy life.

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